Increased access and engagement in leisure and therapeutic activities can improve the overall general health, strength and mobility of participants as well as offer a number of psychological benefits.

Catering to the individual needs of people living with a range of disabilities, our services offer members access to a comprehensive programme of activities designed to promote independence, participation and inclusion.

Our team of skilled staff, qualified programme instructors and dedicated volunteers encourage individuals to build their repertoire of skills, facilitate therapeutic exercises and activities as well as provide a safe and supportive environment for members to pursue interests that challenge their minds and bodies.

For more information contact Alinea’s Recreation Services Team:-

Mon-Fri 8:00am – 4:00pm e: recreation@alinea.org.au
Sat 9:00am – 3:00pm t: (08) 9381 0173

Inside the Programme

The scope of the programme is structured to offer a range of options that are responsive to the physical, intellectual, creative, social and cultural needs of
Alinea’s Recreation Service members.

The programme includes a stimulating array of options including:

  • Arts programmes (painting, printmaking ceramics and other experimental projects).
  • Intellectually stimulating crosswords, quiz and problem-solving activities.
  • Model railway and model-building facilities.
  • Lifestyle activities.
  • Special events and social functions.
  • Computing within a well-equipped, adaptable computer section, including knowledgeable technical assistance, and voice-recognition software

Eligibility and Application

Services and support are subject to funding eligibility or charged on a fee-for-service basis. All activities are delivered on a relative needs basis to maximise participation and independence.

Entry Process

Initial discussions occur at a preliminary interview to determine service suitability relative to the expressed desires and aspirations of each potential new member.

New members will receive guidance to assist them to develop a forward plan that maximises their participation and enjoyment within the Recreation Services activity programme, including engagement in other community options outside of the Shenton Park Centre.

Where necessary, Alinea Recreation Services staff may refer individuals to other appropriate service providers.

Alinea Membership* is available to anyone living in the community with or without a disability. *annual membership fees apply.


To contact the Alinea Recreation Service please call (08) 9381 0173 or email recreation@alinea.org.au

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