Alinea offers various grants to assist people with spinal cord injuries and limb loss as they move to individual or communal living.

There are five grant categories available:

For more information or to submit an application, please contact the Community Services Coordinator via info@alinea.org.au or call (08) 9381 0176.

Acute Spinal Cord Injury Cord Grants

Alinea offers grant support to individuals transitioning into community living, following a period of hospitalisation for significant spinal cord injury or disease. The Acute Spinal Cord Injury Grant provides financial assistance upon first discharge from acute care, to help with the purchase of essential equipment that aids or maintains sustainable rehabilitation.

Establishment Grants

An extension to the Acute Spinal Cord Injury Grant, Alinea provides further support to people moving back into the community following a period of hospitalisation for significant injury.

People with permanent spinal cord injury moving to independent community accommodation are able to apply for a further $1,000 to assist with the costs of re-establishing themselves in a new home or community accommodation.

To be eligible you must also be a current client with the Organisation.

Maud Zervos Education Grants

The organisation offers education grants to children of parent/s with a disability who are financial members of Alinea.

The Department of Education of WA coordinate the advertising and selection process for Maud Zervos Education Grants. A panel from the Department of Education will conduct the selection process and forward their recommendations to the Executive Director, who will review them and advise the Board accordingly.

For additional information or to lodge an application, please visit the Department of Education’s scholarships webpage.


Medical and Related Research Grants

Alinea has a firm commitment to research, both in respect of prevention and new methods of treatment. The Organisation recognises that primary medical research is fundamental in determining and evaluating new methods of treatment and prevention of spinal cord injury or disease.

Equipment for Living and Disability Equipment Grants

Alinea assists current financial members to apply for grants from The Independent Living Centre to purchase capital items of equipment that will facilitate access to employment, education or training, or simply improve the quality of life.

To view the entire list of items and equipment available for funding, please visit the Independent Living Centre’s website.


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